Probate and inheritance

Looking after your legacy

When a family member passes away, you might find yourself having to manage their estate including property, cash and other valuable possessions.

Estates are usually distributed to beneficiaries such as children, other relatives or loved ones after inheritance tax has been deducted from the gross value.

Our expert probate advisers will collect the deceased’s assets, take care of outstanding debts or tax, manage the valuation of the estate and distribute it according to the will with complete impartiality.

In the meantime, you might want to think about your own legacy – how will you ensure those you leave behind won’t have a probate nightmare? We can help you plan for your later years and death, ensuring that those you most want to benefit will receive the maximum value from your estate.

Support and advice on…

  • Probate.
  • Inheritance tax (IHT).
  • Trusts and estates.
  • Gifts and the seven-year rule.
  • Lifetime tax planning.

For a more detailed guide of the probate process and our fees, please click here.

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