Registrations and returns

VAT takes up a lot of time in UK businesses, not only because of all the paperwork associated with it but also because it’s so absurdly complicated.

There are multiple VAT schemes, each with its pros and cons, and the VAT status of every new product or service has to be carefully considered.

Getting VAT wrong can cost your business in multiple ways, too. First, if you miscalculate, you could end up paying too much VAT and damaging your cashflow. Secondly, HMRC administers stiff penalties for late submissions or inaccurate returns.

Our cost-effective VAT compliance and planning services relieve you of this burden. Our team of VAT professionals will make sure you collect the right amount for each transaction, make the right payments to HMRC, and file returns correctly and on time.

We’ll also advise you on voluntary VAT registration if you’re below the threshold, deregistration when you fall below the threshold and flat-rate VAT schemes.

And when it comes to Making Tax Digital for VAT, we’ll make sure your business is compliant with current legislation on digital recording and reporting.

Our VAT service includes…

  • Advice on voluntary VAT registration
  • Registration and deregistration.
  • VAT partial exemptions.
  • Timing of VAT payments for cashflow.
  • VAT scheme advice.
  • Import and export VAT.
  • Support in dealing with HMRC.

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