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Rapid globalisation and the emergence of international eCommerce means there are few businesses that don’t do at least some overseas trade.

Brexit has brought new complexities to trading with the EU, especially around VAT. More generally, trading in multiple currencies, across multiple tax regimes, can quickly make doing international business prohibitively complex.

From our offices in London, a major centre for worldwide trade, we work with both UK businesses operating abroad and foreign-owned businesses operating in the UK.

Whether it’s importing and exporting, setting up offices in the EU, US, Asia or beyond, or investing in development projects abroad, we can make things run smoothly.

Our international services include…

  • Setup of procedures for trading in multiple currencies.
  • Tax planning, including business structures.
  • Advice on repatriation of profit.
  • Guidance on EU VAT.
  • Collaboration with overseas accountants, if required.
  • Compliance with UK statutory requirements.

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